The Photography of Giorgos Kazazis

Giorgos Kazazis

The Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture and Development (ELINEPA) wishing to contribute to the acquaintance of the artists from Greece and India, displays on the home page of its website the photograph of Giorgos Kazazis “Just the two of them”.

The photo was selected in the framework of the invitation to visual artists, as it was judged to express in its colors and details the harmonious coexistence of two worlds and two people, while at the same time
emanates a sense of tranquility and beauty.

Below we present more photographs of Giorgos Kazazis along with a note about the art of his Photography and his resume.  

“Short break” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

Artist’s Note

Photography for me is a means of saying something, sometimes an immediate and tangible and sometimes symbolic way of expressing thoughts, ideas and emotions, moreover, a way of communication with the outside world and not just creation of pieces of art or works with
the aesthetic value. It is not a way of spending my free time pleasantly, but a creative search, a way of life with meaning, that fills me with joy, completes and covers the need to capture my personal stigma on a daily flow of things.

Artistic photography for me exists tomorrow, after tomorrow, always, is
something that lasts, that gives the ability to see behind it, something that shocks, makes you have second thoughts, makes a mental, fruitful and genuine dialogue with the observer, that narrates without describing just the fact, that grabs in a moment, freezes it and transfers it forever.

“Wiseman” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

Although being film’s lover and of the atmosphere that attaches, the digital revolution did not leave me aloof, so I was impacted to adapt and become aware of digital media and infinite applications that gave a new dimension to Photography.

My favourite subjects are street photography, photojournalism and secondary at the same time folklore and travel photography, which focus on human subjects I prefer the classic photography who was taught by the great photographers of the past few decades, concentrating on the recording of their everyday life. In my pictures the human element dominates, sometimes it is there to give meaning to the frame, but most times plays a leading part. My concern is to attach realistically and not beautified humans in their natural environment, whether it is in an urban landscape or in the province. Our country has inspired me greatly, but all my many trips around the world have opened my horizons and photography affect with fertility the figurative and photographic look of me. A good example is my recent interest in nature photography. What excites me is particularly the travel photography with the eye of the traveler and not the tourist.

Baobabs’ pass” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

I prefer spontaneous subjects despite the directed because the power of my glance is when my camera captures this unique moment that suddenly passes and is lost, never being repeated in the same way.

For all these above reasons I believe that my art is if not significant, at least remarkable. It is not the technique that I possess from my adolescence, but much more the look and the feeling that comes through my photographic creations, as I have heard from many time after time. I think this is its strongest point. The one that gave me apart from many international awards, honors, and titles something even more important, the love of many dilettantes as well as people with other interests for my work.

“Divine justice” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

In my pictures that are often taken even while moving or without warning, can be seen the capture of looks, expressions, smiles, special moments but also social occasions, with a unique naturalness that gives the spectator to make up for a whole story.

The basic element on my photographic images is the light!

Giorgos Kazazis
Monk’s concentration” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

Giorgos Kazazis

He was born in N. Smyrni in 1981 and is a graduate of the Faculty of Theology of the Department of Theology of the University of Athens, a postgraduate in Criminology, and a Ph.D. candidate of Sociology at Panteion University. In 2003 he became a member of Hellenic Photographic Society, 2 years later he successfully attended his annual seminar with teacher Fotis Kazazis and another 2 years later she joined the Directory Board.

Archimandrite” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

During the years 2009-2011, he was Hellenic Photographic Society’s Commissioner and the next, 2011-2013 Administrator. As a member of the Directory Board, its position remains unchanged until today. In 2010 he participates as Director of Photography in the short film: “Donor”.

In 2005, he was invited by the Chinese Photographic Society as an official guest to represent Greece to an International Festival of Photography. In 2010, he represents HPS, along with distinguished Greek photographers, invited by the Turkish Photographic Society for an international competition, where he becomes one of the only 3 Greeks distinguished there, winning his second international distinction.

Miracle” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

He has been awarded and distinguished in Panhellenic and International Competitions, culminating in the 3rd Prize at the Florina Culture Club and the 3rd Prize at the Panhellenic Competition of slide show by HPS and in reference to International ones, the Gold Medal to an International Competition in Iran in 2018, the Silver Medal who won to a World Challenge in Slovenia and was awarded the Prize in February 2014, the Praise awarded to the US in the summer of the same year, the Honorable Mention in Slovakia 3 years later and the Honorable Mentions in 2 International Competitions which were organized in Greece (Crete and Athens).

At the end of 2014, he completed the criteria for the artistic title AFIAP, of FIAP, the International Photographic Society, which was hand-delivered to him by the FIAP’s Directory Board in February 2016. He is also the first chronologically to receive the artistic title of HPS, EHPS in 2016. One year later he was awarded the next artistic title of HPS, EHPS, as well as the important titles from the Global Photographic Union, GPU Aphrodite and Crown1 in 2017. At the beginning of 2019, he is awarded the very important International artistic title EFIAP of FIAP.

“Monks” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

It is remarkable the variety of its subject matter and the abundance of its works that have been distinguished in proportion to the honors that it has acquired. Specifically, it has earned 276 acceptances with 80 artistic works in 22 countries and in 56 different International Competitions. In 2012 he transfers and assists in setting up at the FIAP headquarters in Paris the 60th Anniversary Anniversary Exhibition (one of the most successful ones), in which he participated with three of his works, while at the same time was being acquainted with major FIAP officials. Two years later he received the Silver Medal in Kamnik, Slovenia, attending the Award ceremony, representing the HPS at the same time, making an important acquaintance with the President and members of the local Photographic Society there. In 2019 a photo of him is selected to advertise the international contest in Crete.

Since 2017 he started to participate in Photographιc Competition’s juries (judgment of portfolios for the award of honorary titles of HPS and the Panhellenic Digital Photography Competition in 2018, and he also had the first official invitation to participate in the jury of an International competition). In 2013, he attends successfully with high rate the seminar in Nude Photography with a world-renowned photographer, Stathis Efstathiadis.

“Happy Family” photo: Giorgos Kazazis

An excerpt of his work has been published in Greek and foreign albums, books, and magazines, and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He travels quite a few (about 62 countries), mainly since 1999 and onwards, looking for his subjects, which are mainly focused on humans as well as Street Photography. For 14 years he has been taking over a lot of professional photographic works of various subjects.

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