The INDO – HELLENIC SOCIETY FOR CULTURE & DEVELOPMENT and the YOGA STUDIO MAROUSSI organize an open lecture-discussion on the theme “The Vedic View of Life”.


The presentation will be made by Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis, Chairman of the Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture & Development (ELINEPA), on Sunday, January 12, 2014 from 11.00 till 13.00 at the Yoga Studio Maroussi.


Admission  Free


The Vedas are not just the oldest hymns of the humanity, they constitute the basis for the whole philosophy of Brahmanic social system. People are divided into social castes via which the community functions harmoniously. The ultimate goal of life is spiritual redemption, but before one reaches it, he should accomplish other goals, like making wealth, social obligations and satisfaction of material pleasures. The human life is determined according to three obligations – to Gods, parents, and teachers, and evolves in four stages – discipleship, family, withdrawal from the world, and eventually monasticism.