Dr Theodoros G. Bitos

Greek Indologists

Theodoros G. Bitos was born in Athens on April 2, 1941, and passed away on October 19, 2019. He studied Political and Social Sciences at Panteio University and graduated from the Athens Law School.

Theodore Bitos lived in India for a total of a decade, where he completed his PhD thesis entitled “The Philosophy of Advaita as Expounded in Svārājya-Siddhī by Gaṅgādharendra Sarasvatī” under the supervision of Prof. N. Veezhinathan at the University of Madras and was awarded a Ph.D. in Indian Philosophy in 1976 from the same university.

He then served as Press Attaché at the Greek Embassy in Saudi Arabia and as Director General of the EOT in the United Arab Emirates, based in Jeddah.

Theodoros Bitos with the children of a friendly Indian family

Any professional or scientific activity was definitively interrupted on January 9, 1993, due to a stroke, which since then has not allowed him to express himself fully and correctly, without however hindering his perception and travels to India, which he loved very much.

Cover photo: Theodoros G. Bitos (left) with Indira Gandhi at the University of Madras.

Biographical information and photos: Dr Vivi Vassilopoulou

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