Tribute to the Indo-Greek Songs in Larissa

The Union of Writers of Larissa (E.LO.SY.L.) organized a tribute to the Indo-Greek songs with Eugenia (Tzeni) Tsiougou on Wednesday, December 19th at Hatzigianneio Cultural Center of Larissa.

The event was dedicated to the Greek songs that have been influenced by Indian cinematic songs of the 1950s and 1960s.

At the end of the event, Eugenia (Tzeni) Tsiougou danced in her own choreography three of the Indian cinematic songs that were made by Greek adaptations: “Man dole mera, tan dole mera” in orchestral – Dance of cobra (”Ποιός είπε κούκλα μου”), Unchi unchi duniya ki deeware (”Όση γλύκα έχουνε τα χέιλη σου”) and ”Ae chaand kalo jo aana” (”Πριν μου φύγεις γλυκιά μου”).

See the first part of the event in the video

See the second part of the event in the video

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