by Liviu Bordas

 Review: Helen Abadzi


iter in indiamHere is a new book “Journey in India. Indian images and illusions on the way of the Romanian culture towards the Occident.” by Liviu Bordas, a Romanian historian working in Italy, I believe.
Unfortunately it’s in Romanian, and not many Greeks can read it.  But it ought to be listed on the elinepa website. In the description of the book, it says:
“… the book presents various aspects of the relations between Romania and far-away India: from the medieval journeys to the romantic attraction of the
Orient, from the image of India to indology,  from the ambiguous placement of Romanians between Orient and Occident to the perception of Romanians as objects of orientalism in the first half of the 19th century. The pretext of the book is the Moldavian noble Ghica, who ran away to India  at the mid of the 19th
century. He was discovered later as a Brahmin in one of the most important centers of Hinduism”. 

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Liviu Bordas:
Iter in Indiam. Imagini si miraje indiene in drumul culturii romane spre Occident