The Athens War Museum awards Dr. Potitsa Grigoratou

Dr. Potitsa Grigorakou was awarded at a special ceremony by the War Museum of Athens for the donation of her historical archive and her invaluable work in recording and promoting the Hellenistic culture that flourished in the post-Alexandrian era in countries of the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian Peninsula.

The historical archive of Dr. Potitsa Grigoratou is available to all researchers from the library of the Athens War Museum. This includes 400 books, a computer with 16000 entries, videos, large Albums with images, lecture texts, and ppts by foreign professors and archaeologists who did the excavations in Asia and the few Greek experts on the subject, such as for India (Books by Dr. D. Vassiliadis).

Read more: The Archive “Hellenistic World and Culture of the East” by Dr. Potitsa Gregoratou in the library of the War Museum of Athens, INDIKA 2023.