“Mumbai-Varanasi Express” Short movie

When one dies in the holy city of Kashi (Benares, or Varanasi), the Hindus believe that he gets liberation from the circle of rebirths, as Lord Shiva himself comes and whispers in his ear the Taraka Mantra that helps him to cross over the waters of samsara.

The city of Kashi promises liberation after death, Kaashyaam maranam muktih. Here death is not denied but constitutes part of the daily life. The procession of life includes the procession of death. Day and night the sacred fire burns on the cremation ground where death is welcome as a long-awaited guest.

In Aarti Chhabria’s short movie “Mumbai-Varanasi Express”, the promise of liberation hit millionaire Krishnakant Jhunjhunwala, who decides to walk away from Mumbai and spend his last days in Kashi.  But there he finds a new meaning to his life and awakening to his soul.  This is a story of an unending journey within the realms of life and death.

See the whole movie below (Hindi with English Subtitles)