24th World Congress of Philosophy

The 24th World Congress of Philosophy (WCP) opened on August 13, 2018 in Beijing. Themed “Learning To Be Human,” the event will include more than 1,000 activities, such as plenary sessions, symposia, lectures and roundtables.

Greeks, Indians and more than 6.000 other philosophers and academics from 121 countries and regions have been invited to attend the event, which will end Aug. 20.

Dermot Moran, President of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies, said the congress would hopefully have an enduring impact on international cultural relations outside the philosophy and promote mutual understanding and respect for traditions and trust around the world.

“New inter-cultural dialogue will be initiated, new international academic partnership will be formed, hopefully new philosophy will emerge,” Moran said.

The 23rd WCP was held in Athens, Greece in 2013 where China was selected as the next hosting country. The first WCP was held in Paris in 1900 and since then the quinquennial event has become one of the largest philosophical events in the world.