Affinities of Ancient Greek and Vedic Culture

Within the framework of the series of open lectures on Indian Philosophy and Culture, the Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture & Development and Shakti Yoga Studio are organizing an open lecture-discussion on the theme “Affinities of Ancient Greek and Vedic Culture”.

The presentation will be held by the Indologist, Mr. Nikolaos Kazanas, Teacher of Philosophy and Sanskrit and President of Omilos Meleton Cultural Institute, on Saturday, the 30th of November 2013, 18:00-19:00 at Shakti Yoga Studio, 17-19, L. Fotiadou Str., in Mets, Athens.

About the lecture:

There are many similarities in the language, grammar, mythology and philosophy of these two cultures e.g. the numbers 2 duo/dva-, 7 hepta/sapta- etc; the adjectives ‘wide’ eurus/uru-, ‘sweet’ hēdūs/svādu- etc. In the declension of nouns and the conjugation of verbs they share the dual (‘two hands’, ‘two men go’) – whereas other Indo-european languages do not. In philosophy, the presocratic Anaximander held that the “Infinite” was the primal and supreme power/principle while Xenophanes held that the One God creates everything by his thought alone; in India the Upanishads give as supreme principle of the universe the infinite and singular Brahman from whose will creation in its entirety evolves. There are many many others.


Due to limited space, you are kindly requested to make an early reservation either by e-mail at or by leaving a voice message at 210-75.69.376. Attendees are kindly requested to arrive 10 mins before the lecture begins. In case of cancellation, please notify us asap.


Shakti Yoga Studio

 17-19, L. Fotiadou Str. 116 36 Mets, Athens