Group exhibition of 5 printmakers from India and Greece


Illusions and Reality

Participating in this exhibition are printmakers:

Kavita Nayar and Yusuf from India

Nikos Stavrakantonakis, Yiannis Monogios and Florence Christakis from Greece

The exhibition revolves around two philosophical beliefs, the Platonic allegory of caves and the theory of ‘Vedanta’ both of which refer to feelings and deceit. In Plato’s allegory of the caves, what we call reality is only a reflection of the real world. It’s a trick of the senses but not the Real world. Knowledge belongs to the real world. According to one version of

Indian philosophy (Vedanta), what we experience as reality is an illusion, a creation of the mind. The veil of ignorance does not allow us to see the real nature of our mind, to have access to knowledge. On the basis of this general doubt about reality, the artists propose their own approach.

Opening: Wednesday 9 March 2016, 19.30

Duration: 9/3 – 2/4 (Monday – Friday 12.00 – 21.00 and Saturday and Sunday 12.00-17.00)

metamatic:taf (5, Normanou str. Monastiraki, tel. 210 3238 757)