Hindi Day Celebration

Hindi Day was celebrated ον 11 November 2009 for the first time in Greece upon the initiative of H.E. the Ambassador of India Mr. Dilip Sinha. Dozens of old and new students of Hindi and Sanskrit had a chance to get together, know each other better and present their special interests and work.

The celebration took place in the warm atmosphere of the residence of the Indian Embassy, where the Ambassador himself welcomed all students, and gave to each and everyone books in Hindi Literature and Culture.

At the beginning Evgenia Tsiougou, a student of Hindi, presented her work on the influence of Indian songs of the 60-s on Greek music, showing extracts from the Indian movies followed by the corresponding Greek songs.

The guests could enjoy Indian dishes.

The cultural program, where the following students of the Indian music participated, lasted until late at night:

Stavriani Tsiouggou (modern Indian song)

Kostas Kalaitzis (traditional Indian song)

Lefteris Mitropoulos (tambla)

Giorgos Glynos (pakhawaj)

Erick Alsen (shenai)

Giorgos Mitsikaris (basouri)

Rahil Karpozilou (sruti)

Vasilis Skounakis (tanpura)

Nikos Paraskevas (violin)

The teacher of the Indian languages Dimitris Vassiliadis thanked the Ambassador for his initiative and hospitality and the Ambassador in his turn expressed the wish that this day be celebrated every year.