ELINEPA’s Web Page Has Been Upgraded

The Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture and Development (ELINEPA) has upgraded its website www.elinepa.org using the latest technology to better serve the ever increasing demands of its readers.

The site of ELINEPA is now fully compatible with the mobile phones and tablets. The navigation between posts and pages becomes much easier from the home page.  All posts are connected to social media and can be easily sent by e-mail and ecologicaly printed in a pdf format. There is also a possibility of direct registration to mailing list to be informed in time of our main events.

Over the period of twelve years of its existence, the site of ELINEPA has undoubtedly become a worldwide leader in the presentation of the 2500 years of the Greek-Indian Cultural relations and in the promotion of Indological studies and arts in the Hellenic world.

The site of ELINEPA is visited today by tens of thousands of readers from more than a hundred countries in the world with the first ten positions held by Greece, India, U.S.A., E.U., Cyprus, Russia, China, Australia, Canada and Japan.

This achievement became possible with the contribution of all friends and members of  ELINEPA, whom we would like to thank a lot. The researches, articles, news, seminars, events and documentaries have enriched the website’s content, exhibiting the wish of the peoples of Greece and India to continue to carve their historic way forward as worthy successors of their great cultural heritages.

The upgraded website of ELINEPA aims to continue, and will do so, to publish and support all efforts that contribute to the timeless values and further strengthening of the Greek – Indian relations, providing a reliable forum for the best presentation in the world’s cultural and developmental landscape.