A Note of Thanks from elinepa.org

The president and the editorial team of the Hellenic Indian Society for Culture and Development (ELINEPA) sincerely thank all collaborators, teachers, students, writers, artists and organizers who have contributed to the advancement of the Greek Indian cultural and economic relations through their participation in our various activities and programs.

With the ongoing publication of articles and research papers by renowned authors and scholars, ELINEPA’s website has undoubtedly gained, over twenty years of its operation, a leading position in the Indological and Indo-Greek studies worldwide.

With the help of the search engines, social media and referrals from other websites, ELINEPA’s articles are accessible and read today by thousands of people in 160 countries with the top ten positions in 2022 held by India, Greece, the United States, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Germany, Canada, Australia, Irland and Netherlands.

We continue to record and archive the great Indo-Hellenic cultural heritage that lasts for more than 2,500 years by enriching our online digital library and photographic archives.

With these prospects, we look forward to a creative new year with beauty and kindness for the whole world. Thanks again to all of you for your contribution to our websites and we wish the New Year to bring health, love, and creativity to you and your families.

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