Benares – Photography and Painting Exhibition at The Sowl Gallery


The gallery The Sowl opens for the first time its doors to art lovers hosting an exhibition of visual artists Aygerim Djumataeva and Anton Popov from Kazakhstan, supplemented by photos of Maxim Zolotukhin.

The exhibition entitled “Benares” is inspired by the historical city of India, which with its thousands of temples and the strong presence of Shiva and Ganga has been recognized as the holy capital of Hinduism.

In this collection the artists are inspired by the architecture and the religious traditions of this unique place and through that find a new perspective on life. In this magic atmosphere the viewer brings a second pair of eyes and redefines the meeting of nature with the city, between man and animal, art and science, exploring their role in awaking his timeless awareness.

The exhibition “Benares” is a part of the art project titled “Ramamurthy – Enjoying face” and is hosted in a fully renovated historical building of the stables of King Otto in Thissio. The Sowl gallery together with a restaurant-café offer a pleasant and welcoming corner to contemporary artists from around the world for a live dialogue with the art lovers in Athens.

Curator: Aimilia Sotirchou

Duration: 15 – 25 January 2016

Address: Herakleidon 10, Thissio, Athens

Photos from the Exhibition

Turquoise Queen dragon Ganges birds