Greek Foreign Minister: On many international issues Greece’s position is identical with India’s

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias commented in an interview with Ta Nea on a variety of issues, including exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey. Dendias also spoke about new US President Joe Biden and what this could mean for Greece. Finally, he discussed Greece’s relations with the Arab World, Russia and India.

The part of Dendias’ interview related to India below:

Question: Cooperative initiatives from India to the Arab world. What are the next moves on the agenda?

Answer: …. You also mentioned India.

I believe that, wrongly, we have neglected our relations with this country for decades. India is the largest democracy in the world. It is the country with the most Muslim citizens after Indonesia.

It is also a rising political and economic force, but also a non-permanent member of the Security Council. Given the political geography of the region and the influence of Turkey in some countries, it is a fact that on many issues of international interest, our positions are identical with those of India.

Unfortunately, the last meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the two countries took place in 2003. Last October I had a video conference with my Indian counterpart and we agreed to meet as soon as possible and when health conditions allow it, either in Athens or New Delhi.

Greece is committed to developing relations with its traditional partners and allies. But this does not mean that we should not open our horizons and look for new partners…

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