ELINEPA’s Annual Indian Dinner 2015

Watch the videos from the dinner at the end of the article

The annual dinner organized by the Indo Hellenic Society for Culture and Development (ELINEPA) was held with success on 29 March 2015 at Jaipur Palace, Alimos. The guest of honor, Ambassador of India Mr. Tsewang Topden, was deeply moved as this June he is going to leave Greece and will not have a chance to share again such a celebration of Greek and Indian friendship. In his farewell speech to the friends and members of ELINEPA the Ambassador stressed the long cultural tradition and democratic values which connect Greece and India and expressed his support to the efforts both ELINEPA and its members put for the further development of the cultural relations between the two countries.


First Secretary of the Embassy Mr. Ram K. Verma, Chairman of the Greek-Indian Association for Culture and Welfare Mr. Maghar Gandhi, Chairman of the Greek-Chinese Association Dr. Stratos Soubasakis, Chairman of the Greek Yoga Association Mrs. Eleni Ananda Kossifidou, spokesman of the Japanese Association of Lafcadio Hearn in Greece Mr. Takis Eustathiou, Indian artist Mrs. Sangeeta Gupta, whose works are on exhibition in Thessaloniki, University teachers, judges and lawyers, businessmen, yoga instructors, musicians, students of Indian languages, philosophy and culture, as well as other friends of India attended the dinner.    

 invitation dinner 2015

The host, President of ELINEPA Dr. Dimitris Vassiliadis, and General Secretary Antonis Papadopoulos did their utmost to make arrangements for the dinner. The menu of simple and delicious Indian dishes was planned and supervised by Mrs. Mary Devoli, who has become widely known over the last years to the friends of Indian cuisine via her book “Yogic Cuisine” and the seminars she arranges for those who care about their psychophysical health and who want to learn the Indian cooking.


Singer and actress Veronica Iliopoulou made a wonderful presentation without instrumental accompaniment of Indian and Greek songs. Despite her very busy program, she finds time to study Hindi. The spouse of the Cultural Attaché Sreemati Kamlesh Verma made a pleasant surprise singing spontaneously a song in Hindi. The guests received with enthusiasm Artistic Director of the 1st Bollywood Academy in Greece  Anna Dimitratou who together with Indian dancer Summon Rudra explained the meaning of the hand movements in Bollywood and performed a short dance.


Regretfully, the fully packed restaurant did not give enough space for an extended musical program, everybody wished to enjoy. Besides, many members and friends of ELINEPA could not attend the dinner due to a restricted number of seats. Different suggestions were made aiming to find a solution to the problem – like to arrange two annual dinners, or to find a larger venue. We hope till next year a solution will be found and we will enjoy a diversified artistic program in a spacious hall.

Kamlesh Verma

The Lottary winners received gifts, books and passes to follow lessons, donated by the sponsors, to whom we are very thankful. The sponsors were Aionios Iniohos bookshop, Harmony Parga Resort, Badminton Theatre, Mandragoras publishing house with the book of Indian poet Amarjit Chandan “Wear Me”, dance school Artistic Studio Oriental Expression, Yoga Shakti Studio, Yoga Praxis, Tree of Yoga, Athens Omakoeio, Siddhi Yoga Shala, Sattva Yoga Studio, World Kythera Heritage, Amma Hellas, and ELINEPA publishing branch.