Establishment of a Greek-Indian Business Association in Athens

Registration of the founding members in the newly established Greek Indian Business Association (GIBA) began via the online platform posted on the ELINEPA’s website. Founding members can be companies and individuals from Greece and India or from third countries if their business is focused on these countries. The deadline for the registration of founding members is September 30, 2019.

The Greek-Indian Business Association (GIBA) is an independent non-profit organization of the ELINEPA’s Development Sector based in Athens and aims to contribute to the further expansion of economic and business co-operation between the two countries. The Association’s objective is to create a wide network of associates and branches in the largest cities of Greece and India and to cooperate with Chambers of Commerce and state and private bodies so that interested Greek and Indian member-firms can develop ties and partnership in the best and most secure way.

The creation of the GIBA takes place in a critical time when dozens of Indian businessmen join the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair, where India is the honored country this year, and are looking to develop a collaborative network with Greek counterparts. At the same time, there is an increased interest from Indian entrepreneurs to invest in Greece, especially in the tourism sector, where the number of Indian tourists is constantly increasing. On the other hand, the Greek economy is recovering, playing an important role in the Balkans and the European Union, while at the same time is seeking new markets for its products and services in areas such as shipping, investment in clean energy and technology, and exports of industrial and agricultural products in the large countries of the East.

The Association’s Management

The Greek-Indian Business Association is run by a special 5-member committee appointed by ELINEPA that has long-term experience in Greek-Indian cultural and economic relations.  President of the Committee is the President of ELINEPA and Indologist Professor Dr. Dimitrios Vassiliadis, General Director is the Gen. Secretary of ELINEPA and Attorney at the Supreme Court, Mr. Antony Papadopoulos. The committee will be staffed by experienced founding members and consultants working in various business fields and related educational areas to best accomplish its goals.

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Key actions of the Greek-Indian Business Association will be:

·       Create an interactive business community in Greece and India.

·       Create a bilingual website in English and Greek, as well as open forums in social media like FB, Twitter, etc. for the better promotion and interaction among the members on the global level.

·       Provide business information, contacts, and networking opportunities, nationally & internationally.

·       Lead overseas business delegations and participate in national and international trade exhibitions.

·       Organize conferences, lectures, and workshops, business summits, business and trade missions, B2B and B2C meetings.

·       Develop the sectors which are redefining Business with new dimensions – Tourism, Shipping, Logistics, Entertainment, Media, Sports, Education & other Sectors.

·       Increase job opportunities.

·       Identify and interface with potential partners, buyers, collaborators, and Investors.

·       Interaction with Ministries, Consulates and other Government bodies in both countries.

·       Provide legal and business support services in Greece and India.