Hellenic Federation of Enterprises Establishes Greek-Indian CEO’s Forum

Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the Federation of Manufacturers of India signed an agreement on establishment of the Greek-Indian CEO’s Forum in Mumbai on 14.11.2007. The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Petros Doukas, who is on an official visit to the country, was present at the ceremony.

During the ceremony Mr. Thanasis Lavidas, General Secretary and the Head of the International (Business) Affairs of the SEV emphasised that the agreement represents acknowledgement of the Protocol on Cooperation signed last February in New Delphi, which opens new prospects for development of opportunities for the Greek business community.


During the ceremony of signing of the agreement Mr. Lavidas pointed out that the aim of the Business Forum is to make practical contribution in strengthening of bilateral economic relations, in particular – increase of Greek investment in India, which amounts to just 4, and promotion of competitive Greek products in the market of 1,2 bln consumers. That will contribute to the transformation of the negative balance in both countries’ trade (more than 10 times increase of export over import in India ).


It is also noted in the relevant announcement, that SEV can facilitate both Greek and Indian cross-boarders businesses in their expansion, location of business opportunities and in a pursuit of most suitable partners.


The forum can also raise and seek solution to such issues as protection of intellectual rights, simplification and enforcement of the law in the whole country, wider liberation and facilitation of trade decreasing import duties and simplifying the bureaucratic procedure for foreign investors.


Talking at the two business fora held in Mumbai and New Delhi , Mr. Lavidas stressed the significance of the impressive development rate of Indian economy (over 8,5%), the competitive cost of the local manufacturing, highly educated executives,  business and trading culture in India , as well as the progress in science and innovation technology.


The announcement states, that the increase of the market capability of a large part of population is worth noting, as well as the turn to the products of western culture. At the same time we should not overlook the opportunity to develop relations with allies for joint actions in other Asian markets.


The international community, – stressed Mr. Lavidas, – is turning more and more attention to India estimating that in the coming decades it will turn into one of the three major economic powers in the world.


Mr. Lavidas mentioned as well the European identity of our country, its advantageous geopolitical location – unifying economy and culture of the West and the East, traditional friendly relations with the Arabic world, and Greeks’ talent in business.


In conclusion he called upon Indian businessmen not to see Greece as a small market of 11 mio consumers, but as a country with an advanced infrastructure, dynamic and flexible businesses, opportunities and prospects for development.