International Symposium on Jainism – Corfu, 17-18 November 2018

Distiguished professors and researchers in Jainism, philosophy, religion, art, archaeology, sociology, and other related fields gathered to present the results of their latest studies at the International Symposium on History, Art and Culture of Jainism that took place on 17 and 18 November 2018  at the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu.

During the conference an exhibition of the Jain and Indian artefacts of the Museum of Asian Art was held. Besides, a photo exhibition was organized by the  All India Digamber Jain Heritage Preservation Organisation.

The Symposium, first of its kind held in a European city, attracted the interest of the Jainologists internationally, as well as the Jain community that came to attend it from various places of the world. In addition, leading publishing houses, like the Cambridge Scholars and Motilal Banarsidas have expressed an interest to publish the proceedings and make them accessible to scholars of various aspects of this numerically small Indian religion with its enormous culture.

The conferences and exhibitions of the symposium were open to the public. Students and scholars attending both days of the symposium received a certificate of participation.

See the program of speeches and read more about the Symposium HERE

Jointly organized by:

The All India Digamber Jain Heritage Preservation Organisation, New Delhi, India

The Greek Chair at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

The Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture and Development (ELINEPA), Athens, Greece

The Museum of Asian Art in Corfu, Greece


Closing ceremony with Ambassador of India, organizers and members of the delegation from India, Greece, Pakistan and Germany
H.E. the Ambassador of India to Greece Ms. Shamma Jain delivers a closing speech at the symposium “Jain history, Art and Culture”
The President of  ELINEPA Dr Dimitrios Vassiliadis with the Mayor of Corfu Mr. Kostas Nikolouzos and the Honourary Consular of Italy in Corfu Mr. Giancarlo Bringiotti 


The President of ELINEPA Dr Dimitrios Vassiliadis with the President of the Pan-Indian Organization for the Conservation of Heritage of Jainism Mr Nirmal Kumar Jain Sethi, Vice-President Rishab Jain and other members of the Organizing Committee during his visit to the Organization’s offices in New Delhi.

More photos at ELINEPA”s page in Instagram