Michael Kakogiannis’ Films in India

James P. Mimikos, an international film producer and ELINEPA member, recently arranged two important film retrospectives for the films of the acclaimed Director, Michael Cacoyannis.  The Goa International Film Festival 2010 presented ten films which were introduced to the public by Tatiana Papamoschou, star of Iphigenia. A few months later, Cacoyannis films were presented and warmly received by Indian audiences at the Pune International Film Festival 2011 (where James also served as a member of the international film jury).  During the Festival, Pune IFF held a press conference with James concerning the films and the works of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation where he is an External Associate.

Photo of James P. Mimikos (left) with the Pune International Jury (from Italy , India , Sweden , South Africa ) relaxing in a villa on a lake – what film people do!