Namaste Greece

Due to the growing interest of Indians for Greece, a group of Greek and Indian entrepreneurs decided and took the initiative to join forces and cooperate in various fields such as trade, tourism, culture and more generally to open up channels of cooperation with the whole continent, since Greece is geographically the closest to India European country.

For this purpose, they founded a Greek business consulting office in New Delhi, with the support and cooperation of Indian entrepreneurs that aims to assist  in agreements and general cooperation between the two countries on the economic and business level. More information can be found on and

Besides, for the first time a private initiative created the Namaste Greece with the offices in Greece and India that aims to attract the growing middle class Indian tourists to visit natural and archeological beauties in Greece.

The Indo-Greek entrepreneurship begins to organize itself and aims besides trade to deal with tourism, helping Greece to stimulate the business and tourist appeal of the new economic superpower that listens to the name INDIA.

In recent years the number of Indian tourists visiting Greece has increased significantly mainly due to the long cultural history that connects the two countries for more than 2500 years. A significant factor is also the production of several  Indian movies in Greece that have made known its natural beauties to the wider Indian audience and to the fans of the Indian cinema globally.