Seminar on Indian Tastes in Thessaloniki


The ELINEPA – Thessaloniki invites its members and friends to participate in a unique workshop on the secrets of Indian cuisine that will be hosted by Mary Devoli, a famous writer and connoisseur of Indian and yogic cuisine. The course is accompanied by a special meal, full of fragrances, colors and flavors of India.

“India is a vibrant palette, where the flavors, aromas and colors, make up a vast diversity. Every small or big meal is a feast that expresses care, harmony and love.” Mary Devoli

VENUE: “Pinakothiki ton Chromaton,” Filippou 33 & Chalkaion (Diatititea), Thessaloniki

DATE: Saturday  16/1/2016, time: 14.30

For further information and reservation please call 6973568855 or send an email to

Due to a limited number of seats, please make an early reservation.