Mary Devoli (Swami Jnanmudra) was born in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.

She studied Shipping, Administration, and Management at City of London Polytechnic, London.

Through her personal quest, she started to employ her self in Yoga In 1984 she was initiated by her Guru, Pujya Gurudev, Paramhamsa Satyananda, in Poorna Sannyasa.

She has trained in many Yoga techniques; she gave classes and seminars in many towns all over Greece. She traveled in Europe, India, Thailand, Middle East, and Australia.

Mrs Devoli gives seminars on Yogic Vegetarian Nutrition, as well as in Indian Cuisine. Making easy for all the Yoga practitioners, and others, to enrich their everyday nutrition, with original, easy, and very tasty plates.

Many of her recipies have been published in the book  “Yogic Cooking” Garouda Hellas Publications, 2012. Carrently, she is preparing a special issue tribute to the Indian Vegetarian Cousine.

Her articles in ΙΝΔΙΚΑ:

Συνταγή για ένα θεραπευτικό Κίτσερι (Kichari), ΙΝΔΙΚΑ 2020.

Χορτοφαγικές συνταγές για το Πάσχα, ΙΝΔΙΚΑ 2013.

Σαρασουάτι – Η Ενέργεια της Μάθησης, ΙΝΔΙΚΑ 2011.