Ajitpal Singh Dhaliwal’s “Rammat Gammat” at the 1st Athens International Children’s Film Festival

India – 2018 – 18 minutes – language: Gujarati with English & Greek subtitles. 
Saturday, December 8, 2018, 11:45 at Megaron, N. Skalkotas Hall

Ajitpal Singh Dhaliwal’s short film“ My Best Friends Shoes” (Original title in Gujarati: Rammat Gammat) will be shown in the 1st Athens International Children’s Film Festival that takes place from 7 until 9 December 2018 at Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall!

Rammat Gammat is a tale of two best friends and their mutual love for football. One is a better footballer, but other is richer. Their friendship hits a crisis when money decides the merit.

Principal Cast: Shivam Math, Yash Patel, Swati Das.  Cinematographers: Tojo Xavier, Editor:  Shan Mohammad, Music: Sagar Desai, Screenwriter:  Ajitpal Singh, Yogi Singha, Producers:  Mauli Singh. Primary Company: Drishyam Film. 

1st Athens International Children’s Film Festival. Kids and teens from 3 to 18 years old will have their own celebration for three days, as 75 films, short and feature-length, animated and live action, from 30 different countries in 22 different languages, will premiere in this festival for Greek audiences. 

Workshops, educational programmes, interactive experiences, games and discussions with international guest speakers will complement the most exciting and entertaining event for your whole family.

Download the full programme (in Greek) here.