Reflections – Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Freedom of Mind

Do not seek freedom in a particular ideology, as it lies in the very essence of the mind. From it, all ideas and all teachings are emerging and maintained, and to it, they eventually return.

Present in the deep silence and in the noise of the words, it shines with the colors of life and the darkness of death. Being the essence of its names and forms, it remains unaffected by their presence or absence.

Creator of time and space, it maintains and transcends them at the same time. This is the essence of the mind! Everywhere and always free. Free from the “everywhere” and from the “always”.

(Athens, 24 February 2019)

Divine World 

The homogeneous and indivisible light of the absolutely free consciousness portrays itself on itself in infinite times and worlds with infinite forms.

The whole universe, the subjects, and objects that inhabit it and constitute it. is nothing more than an endless play of the rays of consciousness upon the space-time canvas it creates.

Some call it “beauty of Nature” and others “Divine world”.

(Athens – 28 April 2018)

To Eros

Ω Έρωτα! Απεριόριστε από τα δεσμά του χρόνου και του χώρου

Πρωταρχική θεία δύναμη που ενώνεις το άκτιστο φως και την αιώνια γνώση

Εσύ είσαι υπαίτιος για τη δημιουργία όλων των όντων

Εσύ δεσμεύεις τον άντρα και τη γυναίκα, εσύ τους εραστές, τους συγγενείς και τους φίλους

Εσύ δίνεις νόημα και χρώμα στη ζωή των θεών και των ανθρώπων

Ω ακαταμάχητε Παντοκράτορα!

Ενοποίησε το ‘εγώ’ μας με το ‘εμείς’ και μείνε κοντά μας, για να λατρεύουμε τη θεία σου μορφή μέσα από τις άπειρες εκφράσεις της.

(Athens – 14 February 2017)

Tο Τheseus

Cast away the gloomy cloud from your face

Set your thought free from the labyrinth of mind

Leave minotaurs and procrusteses behind

Follow Ariadne’s love where she can take you

Tread with determination and purity of mind

Love your role in the drama of life

Frustration or expectation has no place in your free soul

Gentle smile shines on God’s face.

(Thassos, 2 January 2017)

The Apollonian Smile

Oh God of harmony and non-multiplicity 
you who disperses the sun’s life-giving light

sweetens Buddha’s marble shape
and smiles at a child’s pure face

Do let your bright smile
touch our frowned faces
illuminate our dimmed intellects
and calm our tired souls

so we can see this exquisite beauty of yours
which imbues and joins the three worlds – 
of senses, mind and spirit

Oh essence and form!
Let your bright smile carry a message of peace
and spread the joy of life to the ends of the world

(Varanasi, 1 June 2010)