Shrustii Multicultural Centre at the 25th International Folklore Festival CIOFF – Pyrsos Naoussa

5 to 9 July 2017 at Naousa, Greece.

Shrustii Multicultural Centre will participate in the 25th International Folklore Festival CIOFF – Pyrsos Naousa, presenting the traditional dances of Panjub “bhangra” and “giddha” to music and art lovers of Imathia Presecture and the broader area of Central Macedonia.

Shrustii Multicultural Centre is a non-profit organization founded in 2005. Its purpose is to preserve, cultivate and promote Indian folk culture, determined by the wide variety of traditional dances, music, songs and cultural standards as they arise from socio-economic geographical and racial differences that make the Indian culture unique. The club represents the Indian cultural identity with amazing dances, songs, traditional music and shiny colorful costumes. It has participated in many major European festivals, such as Zacopane in Poland, Βurgum in the Netherlands, Agrigento in Italy, Rovaniemi in Finland, Malta, Estonia, Hungary and elsewhere.

International Folklore Festival CIOFF – Pyrsos Naoussa is organized by the Cultural Association Pyrsos Imathias, since  1989  and is one of the approximately 250 festivals that are organized each year in 70 countries around the world and operate on the basis of the regulations of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF). Among its aims is the preservation of folk tradition, the protection of cultural heritage, the improvement of the quality of International Folklore Festivals, the development of international exchanges and, finally, the development of friendship among the peoples of the world.