The Dream as a Morpheme of Timeless Reality

Within the framework of the series of open lectures on Indian Philosophy and Culture, the INDO – HELLENIC SOCIETY FOR CULTURE & DEVELOPMENT and the SHAKTI YOGA STUDIO organize an open lecture-discussion on the theme, “The Dream as a Morpheme of Timeless Reality”.

The presentation will be made by the phychologist/psychoanalyst, translator and archaeologist, Mrs. Elisavet Kouki on Saturday, 15 February, time 18:00-20:00 at the Shakti Yoga Studio.

About the speech:

In the process of interpreting the dream, the History of Civilisations answers queries like: Are there different levels of reality or not? Is there any connection between sleeping (therefore dreaming) and vigilance? If there is connection, how does that make vigilance responsible for creating the dream? Are dreams a different kind of knowledge? And if they declare something, how do they express it and to whom are they addressed? Are they about the present or the future? Where exactly is the present or the future that they describe? How is the knowledge included in the dream realised?

Admission – Free

Due to the limited number of seats, you are requested to make a reservation by e-mail : or leave a message on: 210-75.69.376.

Shakti Yoga Studio

17-19, L. Fotiadou Str. 116 36 Mets, Athens