The master of mandolin U. Rajesh in Athens

The Indian mandolin virtuoso U. Rajesh will play LIVE music on Saturday, October 21, 7:30 pm at Nectar of Love (Nikephorou Mandilara 17 & Fleming Avenue, Agios Ioannis Renti).

Entrance Free. Seats: First come, first seated. Contact number 6946123042.

U. Rajesh is a brother of the mandolin legend, U. Srinivas, and has been recognized as a master of mandolin  in North and South India. He has been rewarded by the President of India, while the New Yorker magazine has described his concert in New York as one of the best of the year.   Photo: ELINEPA’s General Secretary Antonis Papadopoulos with U. Rajesh after the excellent concert in Athens.


Listen to an excerpt from his music