by Demetrios Galanos (1760-1833)

Balabarata or brevity of Mahābhārata (Gr. Βαλαβαράτα ή Συντομή της Μαχαβαράτας), (pages lxvi + 867), it contains the translation of the Bālabhārata of the Jain poet Amaracandra-Sūri

Amaracandra is the author of thirteen texts including a close metrical abridgement of the Mahābhārata called the Bālabhārata. This text is divided into 18 parts (parvas), 44 chapters (sargas), and 6,950 verses (ślokas). The work was written under King Viśāladeva of Anhilvad, 1243 – 1261.

The second publication in a series of Gananos’ manuscripts (Mss. Nos. 1847 and 1848). It was published in Athens in 1847 under the custody of the Commissioner of the Public and University Library George N. Tipaldos and the librarian Georgios Apostolidis at the expense of the ‘lover of Muses’, Ioanni Douma.

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