Online screening of the documentary “Mahashivaratri” by Yiannis Tritsibidas


The Athens Center for Indian and Greek-Indian Studies is organizing an online screening of the documentary “Mahashivaratri” by Yiannis Tritsimpidas on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 14.00.

Free participation
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Documentary duration 15 minutes, English language. An open discussion will follow about the documentary and the celebration of Shivaratri.

“One of the best documentaries ever made about Mahashivratri.”

A documentary film on Maha Shivaratri’s festivities in Benares celebrating Shiva’s wedding with Parvati. This fest of fertility is the largest annual event in Shiva’s holy town and takes place in the Caitr month (February-March) attracting numerous sadhous from all over India including the naked nagas. Thousands of people come together to the Golden Temple to offer their devotion, water from the Ganges river and flowers to the God’s  mythical lingam (phallus). The great dark night of Shiva the Destroyer, is celebrated with a lot of music, dance, parades and bang drinking.