“Tune of Bangladesh” art exhibition in Athens

The Municipal Art Gallery Lefa in Psychiko hosts an art exhibition of a group of noted Bhagladeshi artists from 21 to 23 September 2022.

The exhibition entitled “Tune of Bangladesh” is organized by the Embassy of Bangladesh in Greece and is part of a series of cultural programs and activities planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Greece and Bangladesh.

The opening of the exhibition took place on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, by Deputy Mayor Filotheis Psychikou Ms. Eleni Zepou, and the Ambassador of Bangladesh Mr. Ashud Ahmad in the presence of the participating artists from Bangladesh, the Ambassador of India Mr. Amrit Lugun and other diplomats, the curator of the exhibition and art historian Ms. Elisavet Gerolimatos, the President of ELINEPA Prof. Dimitris Vassiliadis and many people.

Reception of artists from Bangladesh at the residence of the Bangladeshi Ambassador in Athens.

On the occasion of the Bangladeshi artists’ visit to Greece, a series of cultural and artistic events were organized with their participation in a painting workshop at the Athens School of Fine Arts and the 1st International Action Art organized by the Club for UNESCO Piraeus. The Ambassador of Bangladesh hosted an honorary dinner for the guests at his residence which was attended by the Rector of Athens School of Fine Arts Prof. Nikos Tranos and other professors of the school, the President of the Group for UNESCO Piraeus and Islands Mr. Ioannis Maronitis, the President of ELINEPA Prof. Dimitrios Vasiliadis and other friends of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has a rich tradition in art and painting and the current exhibition will give Greek art lovers an opportunity to get to know it.

Download the Exhibition catalog in PDF with an introductory message by H.E. the Ambassador of Bangladesh Mr. Ashud Ahmed and representative works of the participating artists.

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