Seminar on the “Confluence of Civilizations: India, Greece & Others” at JNU (updated with photos)

The Greek Chair at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi successfully organized a National Seminar on the theme “Confluence of Civilizations: India, Greece & Others” on 23rd and 24th December 2018 at the Convention Center of the University. 

The conference was attended by Ms. Isidora Petropoulou, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Greece, Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, Greek Chair at JNU, the renowned scholars on Indo-Greek studies Prof. U. P. Arora and Prof. Bharat Gupt and many more Professors and Scholars from all over India.


Sunday, 23rd December 2018


Welcome Note by Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, Greek Chair, JNU

Inaugural Address by Ms. Isidora Petropoulou, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Greece, New Delhi

Key Note Address by Prof. U.P. Arora, Eminent Historian, Ex-Greek Chair

Address by Prof. Bharat Gupt, Eminent Indologist, Trustee IGNCA

Address by Mr. Awanikant Deo, Eminent Art Historian


Chair: – Dr. Sanjay Kumar, EFLU, Hyderabad

Dr. Manisha Tyagi (Meerut)

Ports of Sri Lanka in Graeco-Roman Accounts: their identification

Dr. Krishna Gopal Tyagi (Delhi)

The Gandhara School of Art: A Study of Greece and Indian Cultural Confluence

Dr. Anita Goswami (Meerut) 

Indian, Greek and Egyptian Asceticism

Mohammad Imran Nasir (Allahabad) 

Confluence of Greek and Arab Civilization


Chair: – Dr. Subhash Kumar, Manipal University, Jaipur

Dr. Sriniket Mishra (NOIDA)

Indo-Greek Theatre and Antigone

Dr. Saad Ullah Khan & Dr. Tanveer Ahmed

Assessing the Relative Development of Medieval Medicine in Greco-Arab Context: An Analytical Approach

17:30-19:30.  A Satirical Play, Padam Shri Prahasan, by the Great Indian Storytellers at the Auditorium-1

Monday, 24th December 2018


Chair: – Prof. Abdul Rasak Tharayil, Assam University, Silchar

Dr. Mohammd Ajmal (JNU, New Delhi)

Greece – Arab Relations; Resemblances and commonalities: A Cultural Perspective

Prof. R.P. Singh (JNU, New Delhi)

Perspectival Interface: Indian And Greek Philosophy: Dialogue, Dialectic, Foundationalism, Scepticism and Hermeneutics


Chair: – Prof. R.P. Singh (JNU, New Delhi)

Prof. Abdul Rasak Tharayil (Silchar, Assam)

Transmission of Greek Science to the Arabs

Dr. Sanjay Kumar (Hyderabad, Telangana)

Epicurean Elements in the Poetry of Ronsard

Prof. Bhavatosh Indra Guru (Sagar, Madhya Pradesh)

The Doctrine of Maya and the Nativity of Philosophic Discourses in Plato and Aristotle


Chair: – Prof. Bhavatosh Indra Guru (University of Sagar, Madhya Pradesh)

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh (Delhi)

Heidegger And The Anaximander Fragment

Dr. Mukhtyar Singh (Delhi)

Philosophical Discourses on Milind Panha

Dr. Anup Kumar Das (JNU, New Delhi)

The Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Greece and India: A Scientometric Analysis

Mr. Ritu Raj Sinha (Patna, Bihar) 

Greece and India: A critical Study

Dr. Chandan Kumar (Patna, Bihar)

Yunan aur Bharat ka itihas evam sanskrirti

Mr. Vikram Chaudhary & Mr. Abhijeet Pande (JNU, New Delhi)

Greece’s cultural influence on Central Asia